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Tree trimming in Montreal

Tree Trimming in Montreal

Beautiful, mature trees are an added value to a property located in a city like Montreal. By adding shade and privacy while creating an effective filter for pollution, your trees deserve the professional trimming treatment offered by Arboricureuil.

The practice of tree trimming - often confused with pruning - provides trees with health and vigour as well as dense foliage that offers a shady respite during heat waves.

Professional trimming work

To be beneficial, the tree trimming must be carried out by professional tree trimmers. By entrusting the maintenance of your trees to Arboricureuil, you’re guaranteed trimming services performed by certified specialists.

Trimming differs from simple cutting, because it is done for specific reasons, whether it’s to change the direction of the branches, to give a specific shape to a tree or shrub, for health reasons, etc.

The importance of tree trimming in Montreal

In a densely populated city like Montreal, trimming is important. For reasons of arboreal health and good neighbourliness, regular tree trimming is strongly recommended. There are several reasons to have tree trimming done. Whatever yours is, for optimal results, call on specialists in arboriculture.

Trimming for safety

A tree that has not been well maintained will contain dry, brittle, overly long, and heavy branches that could pose a risk. Indeed, during storms and high winds, these dead branches will end up falling and risk injuring a passer-by or damaging property. In addition, these branches may damage the roof or come into contact with power lines.

Trimming for health

If a tree is sick or infested with parasites, the risk of contaminating the surrounding vegetation is high. It is therefore necessary to remove the contaminated branches to prevent more significant damage and to avoid losing the entire tree. 

Aesthetic trimming

Thinning involves reducing the density of the branches, while heightening involves pruning the lower branches. As for topping, this is done to limit a tree’s height growth. By respecting the shape of the tree, aesthetic trimming allows for ideal development and optimal health.

Trimming for maintenance

Older trees require trimming every 8 to 10 years, while younger trees should be trimmed every 2 or 3 years. Regular tree trimming helps prevent situations that require trimming for health. The professional tree trimmer can analyze the condition and shape of the tree to select the branches that should be cut.

Whatever the dimensions of your land or yard and the number or size of the trees that live there, it’s important to call on experienced tree trimmers to ensure their longevity.

Entrust all your tree maintenance work to experienced arborists for professional results. Contact Arboricureuil today for a free estimate.

Call on qualified arborists for high-quality trimming services!

Our services:

  • Tree felling
  • Pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Sanding out
  • Tree planting
  • Clearing

All the conditions are there to ensure your satisfaction:

  • Rapid intervention
  • Availability
  • Liability insurance in case of damage to your property

We offer our services within a 30 km radius around Laval, on the North Shore, including:

  • Montreal
  • Terrebonne
  • Boisbriand

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