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A wide variety of trees and hedges

ARBORICUREUIL INC is at your service for your hedge or tree planting needs in Laval, Montreal and on the North Shore.

You can count on our competent and experienced team for quality work.


What could be better than beautiful plants to enhance your property? To ensure the good growth of the plants, it is important to choose a tree, shrub or hedge that’s suited to the surrounding conditions and to your needs. It is also necessary to identify the best site for the full development of new shoots.

For plants that are suited to the needs of your property, hire the arboriculture experts at ARBORICUREUIL INC. Be it for classic, flowered, low or high hedges, or evergreen shrubs, we will meet your expectations. You can also count on us to maintain your trees and trim your hedges.

« Beautiful trees and hedges to enhance your property »


We put our extensive experience and expertise at your service to help you choose the best species for your space and soil type. We take into account the objective (shading, screen, erosion, garden enhancement, etc.), the expected size and shape, the needs of the trees (in terms of water, sunlight, maintenance), the pesticides required, environmental constraints, municipal regulations, etc. We put at your disposal a wide choice of trees and we advise you on the ideal planting periods.

We handle the transport and delivery of the trees, soil, stake and the appropriate seed.


  • Amelanchier
  • Paper birch or white birch
  • White, black or red spruce
  • Sugar maple, silver or black
  • Field horsetail white or black
  • Red or American Elm
  • The Pennsylvania cherry tree
  • Oaktree, the patriarch
  • Red ash
  • Tamarack
  • Willow: the duck tree
  • English walnut
  • Balsam poplar, deltoid, quaking aspen
  • White or red pine

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