Our Passion for Trees
Our Passion for Trees

Tree Pruning in Montreal

Tree Pruning in Montreal

Arboricureuil is a professional arboricultural company offering tree pruning services in Montreal and the surrounding area. The health of your trees is important because they provide beauty, oxygen, and shelter to the nature that surrounds you. In addition, trees offer a dose of privacy that is so necessary in urban life.

The team of seasoned arborists at Arboricureuil has ensured the well-being of trees for over 10 years. Tree pruning is part of the range of tree care services offered by Arboricureuil.

Professional tree pruners in Montreal 

Often confused with trimming, pruning requires a great deal of expertise to achieve the desired results but-above all-to avoid damaging the tree. It is a tree care practice that is only used in specific circumstances.

For example, from a commercial perspective, pruning is mainly used to optimize tree growth. This is a common practice in nurseries. Unlike trimming, the goal of which is to improve the health, development, and growth of the tree, pruning is also used when its branches are causing a nuisance.

Pruning is a method that involves cutting the lateral branches or crown of a tree to promote the growth of shoots or to increase the density of the foliage. In the city, pruning must be practiced with a great deal of expertise to respect the urban planning and housing density. The branches that grow back are more fragile and can break more easily.

Furthermore, when practiced by professional pruners, pruning can offer several benefits to the pruned tree. In particular, once pruned, the tree no longer has to bear the weight of its crown. The proper circulation of its sap also requires less energy.

In Montreal, the amount of power lines dominating the trees means that several trees are damaged by abusive pruning practices. The life expectancy of trees that have been improperly pruned is considerably reduced.

Arboricureuil performs pruning work with all the expertise that comes from years of passionate arboricultural work.

For complete tree care services, don’t hesitate to request a free estimate.

Certified arborists for best pruning practices

Pruning should only be limited to developing the structure and removing branches damaged during planting.

The generally widespread belief that a tree should be pruned after its roots have been damaged isn’t necessarily true. On the contrary: it seems that trees do better when they are not pruned. Furthermore, excessive cutting of the branches prevents the tree from feeding through its leaves. That’s why tree pruning should only be practiced in exceptional circumstances and exclusively by professional pruners.

Experienced pruners for the maintenance of your trees

A qualified arborist will do a complete analysis of the condition of the tree and only perform a pruning when necessary, according to best arboricultural practices. In addition, it’s not necessary to wait for spring, since tree pruning can be done in any season.

Contact the team of certified arborists at Arboricureuil for professional tree care services.

Our services:

  • Tree felling
  • Pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Sanding out
  • Tree planting
  • Clearing

All the conditions are there to ensure your satisfaction:

  • Rapid intervention
  • Availability
  • Liability insurance in case of damage to your property

We offer our services within a 30 km radius around Laval, on the North Shore, including:

  • Montreal
  • Terrebonne
  • Boisbriand

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