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Our Passion for Trees

How to cut a tree?

How to cut a tree?

Do you want to learn how to cut a tree? This operation may end up being deadly if you don't know how to use a chainsaw properly. You must also consider a whole set of other parameters, such as the tree's natural direction of fall, whether there are any major obstacles in the surroundings and the tree's height.

Consequently, we highly recommend calling on an expert. However, if you feel comfortable enough with a chainsaw and want to go ahead with the cutting, follow these safety precautions

1. Determining the Tree's Natural Direction of Fall

Before cutting a tree, you must identify the natural direction of fall first. To do so, you have to determine in what direction the branches grow and the wind blows.

Afterwards, you'll have to check whether there are any buildings in its immediate surrounding, in which case you'll have to hire a professional who has all the necessary equipment to adjust the direction of fall.

2. Measuring the Height of the Tree

You will then have to measure the tree's height to ensure it doesn't crash into any obstacle you might have overlooked. First, take a stick of the same length as your arm.

Then stretch your arm, looking at the stick in the direction of the tree. Move back until the top of the tree touches the top of your rod. This is exactly where the crown will land when the tree falls.

If there are any obstacles between where you are standing and the tree trunk, move them. If this is not possible, hire a specialist to make the tree fall in a different direction.

3. Determining the Retreat Area

You should also consider where to retreat to prevent the tree from falling on you. The pre-determined safe area is the 45-degree space on the side opposite the direction of fall.

4. Pruning the Trunk

Cut off any branches and twigs around the tree that may be in the way. Also, make sure you have enough fuel in your tank to carry out the operation. The safest way to prune your trunk is to work with a pulling chain under the guide bar from the top down.

5. Felling

First, make a cut in the direction you want the tree to fall. This is a "v" shaped notch that stops at one-third of the trunk diameter. Then, using your chainsaw, make a felling line on the opposite side of the cut. This is a horizontal cut that stops at ⅔ of the trunk diameter. This will force the tree to fall in the desired direction.

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