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Detection of tree diseases


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Call Arboricureuil for arboriculture services. We specialize in tree disease prevention and maintenance.

Detection of tree diseases

It is not easy to identify the pathogens that threaten the health of your tree. External agents that can affect its growth or cause its death include insects, bacteria, fungi and environmental factors. Call us to accurately identify the symptoms of each disease. We will provide preventive or curative solutions adapted to promote the health of your trees. Contact us whether you are in Montreal or on the North Shore.

We will be able to accurately detect pathogens of arboricultural diseases.


preventation and maintenance

Trust us to keep your trees healthy!

Prévention et entretien

Effective maintenance for better prevention

We have extensive experience in the maintenance of green spaces, including pruning and/or hedge trimming. Our objective is to ensure the health and growth of your plants. From tree felling to stump removal, we provide complete tree services. We work for individuals and businesses as well as for entrepreneurs and provide fast and reliable work.

Our services are fast and reliable


The Impact of Emerald Ash Borers in Montreal’s Urban Regions

Emerald Ash Borers ravage thousands of trees in Montreal. If you have a healthy Ash tree, you need to have it treated against borers every 2 years. If it’s unfortunately been infected, your only recourse is chopping it down. Thankfully, financial aid is available for the treatment or the cutting down of ash trees on the territory of the City of Montreal.

What are Emerald Ash Borers?

Emerald Ash Borers are insects of Asian origin that attack all types of Ash trees. Its larvae feeds on the cambium under the bark of the tree, which prevents the flow of the sap.

Emerald Ash Borers have no known predators that are effective at keeping the insects from spreading in Canada, which makes it particularly destructive. In fact, once they have infested a region, they can destroy 99% of Ash trees between 8 and 10 years old. Millions of trees are therefore cut down every year because of this disease.

Is this disease widespread?

Experts believe that Emerald Ash Borers were introduced to North America by wood packaging in the early 1990s. It was first detected in 2002 near Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. Since then, it has spread to 30 U.S. states and 5 Canadian provinces, including Quebec.

How do we get rid of Emerald Ash Borers?

Generally, when an ash tree is found to be infested with EAB, it has been infested for at least one year. In this case, the only solution is to cut it down.

Fortunately, preventive treatment is available when the infestation is early or if the tree has not yet been infected. This should be administered every 2 years for about 15 years to prevent the insects from coming back.

What should I do if an ash tree is on my private property?

The EAB Control By-law requires all private ash tree owners to have their trees treated every 2 years. The cost of this treatment depends on the size of the tree. It can cost $200 for a small tree. For larger trees, it can cost up to $1000. However, you can benefit from a free treatment thanks to a grant from the City of Montreal.

If your tree is dying, you will have to cut it down. However, the City offers a subsidy of $5 per trunk diameter to have your ash tree felled. To benefit from this subsidy, you must replace your felled ash tree.

About Arboricureuil

For more than 10 years, Arboricureuil has been Montreal's tree pruning specialists. If you need to have your tree felled for safety reasons, we also offer an emergency tree felling service in Montreal, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you need to have your tree chopped down, talk to us now. It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.

Our services:

  • Tree felling
  • Pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Sanding out
  • Tree planting
  • Clearing

All the conditions are there to ensure your satisfaction:

  • Rapid intervention
  • Availability
  • Liability insurance in case of damage to your property

We offer our services within a 30 km radius around Laval, on the North Shore, including:

  • Montreal
  • Terrebonne
  • Boisbriand


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