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Complete arboriculture service

ARBORICUREUIL INC., located in Laval, Quebec, specializes in tree cutting, tree pruning, tree removal and tree planting.

We also offer tree maintenance services. All our employees are qualified in arboriculture and work effectively and professionally. Since 2007, we have been serving individuals, businesses, residential and commercial entrepreneurs in Montreal and the North Shore.


ARBORICUREUIL INC offers a comprehensive arboriculture service. We have expert knowledge in tree pruning, felling, land clearing, brush clearing, shredding, pollarding and removal of dangerous trees.

You can entrust us with the maintenance of your trees, including grubbing, chipping, shredding, detection of arboricultural diseases, pruning of fruit trees, trimming of hedges, tree planting, etc. With the health of your trees at heart, our experienced and skilled team guarantees a neat, fast and efficient work.

Emergency tree cutting North Shore Tree pruning emergency Laval Grubbing Montréal
Emergency tree cutting North Shore Tree pruning emergency Laval Grubbing Montréal

"An experienced and competent team for a neat, fast and efficient work"


With quality at the top of our priority list, we offer a service especially dedicated to our commercial clients, including street clearing, planting and enhancement, personalized advice, etc. You can count on us to prune branches posing a risk to safety or any other emergency. We are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

We offer a free quote and have all the necessary insurance to offer a flawless service. We have liability insurance to protect you in case of damage to your property.

"A free quote in less than 24 hours and comprehensive insurance’’


  • Nearly 10 years of experience
  • High-quality service
  • Experienced team
  • Emergency and fast service
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Free quote

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