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Call ARBORICUREUIL INC in Laval for any urgent tree pruning needs in Quebec.

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help you in Montreal and on the North Shore.


Pruning often becomes mandatory for safety reasons such as clearing of traffic signs, electrical wires, sidewalks, etc.

Our team of highly skilled pruners will accommodate your trees to their environmental constraints while containing their overall volume. As this type of intervention is quite delicate, our expertise and equipment allow us to consider the most extreme cases and to face each problem effectively. Following an incident or harsh weather, we secure the premises and begin pruning work immediately to keep you safe.

«We intervene quickly to keep you safe »


Periodic pruning of your trees is a guarantee of safety to avoid unfortunate accidents. At the same time, it helps to guide and limit their development. In addition to enhancing your property, pruning also promotes sunshine and tree health.

Do you need a good clearing for your trees? With ARBORICUREUIL INC, your trees are in good hands because you will deal with real professionals in the field.

« Periodic pruning for your safety»


  • Pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Tree guying
  • Tree felling
  • Clearing
  • Shredding/grubbing

No matter the emergency or the damage caused by the weather, we are at your service at any time. Contact us.