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Tree-Cutting Service

Tree-Cutting Service in Laval, Montreal and on the North Shore

Safety First

Typically used as a last resort, trees can be cut down to remove a potential threat to human life or the surrounding property. For example, these dangers can be caused when the tree has been uprooted, or where there are falling branches. If your foundation or roof is at risk, it might be a good idea to consider removing the tree or some branches.

Do you need to cut down a tree on your property? Entrust the task to professional tree specialists. We will carefully plan out the operation with safety as the top priority. We will take the time to precisely determine the direction in which it must fall, taking into account any surrounding obstacles (roads, buildings, electric lines, etc.). In addition, we will tape off a security perimeter warning passers-by that work is in progress.

Tree Cutting Professionals

Do you need more space in your yard? Call Arboricureuil to clear the area. Our clearing service consists of cutting down all trees in a given area. Contact our team, we will be happy to advise you and clear the desired space while applying the most rigorous safety standards.