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Cutting Tree Branches in Laval, Montreal and on the North Shore


Also referred to as ornamental arboriculture, tree pruning applies to large species as well as to fruit trees. It is very important to prune trees to shape them and control their size. In addition to providing added value to your property, proper size and shape will give you better sunshine and promote the health of the tree.

This type of procedure is also often required for safety reasons, to clear branches away from signs, electrical wires, sidewalks, etc. In order to obtain the desired shape, pruning work should be started when the tree is still young.


Does your tree need additional support during its growth? Arboricureuil can also strengthen the trees structure using a technique called bracing. Several methods exist, including the use of cables, screws, rods, etc., but the main goal is always to keep branches from breaking. For more information on this technique, please contact us.


To promote the growth of your tree, call on our trimming service. This procedure consists of trimming the ends of the branches to gradually increase the density of the foliage.