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Tree branch pruning in the Laval and Montreal areas and on the North Shore


Commonly referred to as "ornamental arboriculture", pruning also includes silvicultural and fruit pruning. It is imperative to have your trees pruned to control or limit their development. In addition to offering added value to your property, pruning helps to catch more sunlight and improve tree health.

This type of intervention is often mandatory for safety reasons such as clearing road signs, electrical wires, sidewalks, etc. We recommend starting pruning work when the tree is still young to obtain the desired shape.


Does your tree need additional support as it grows? Arboricureuil can also strengthen its structure using a technique called "guying". There are several guying methods, including the installation of cables, screws, rods, etc., but the primary objective is to avoid branches from breaking. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.


To boost the growth of your tree, we invite you to hire our pruning service. This type of intervention consists of pruning the ends of the branches to gradually increase the density of the foliage.