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Detection of tree diseases

Trust the experts at ARBORICUREUIL INC to detect any disease affecting your trees in Laval, Montreal and on the North Shore.

The health of your trees has been our priority for nearly 10 years.


Some insects, bacteria, fungi and environmental factors can alter tree growth or even cause its death. ARBORICUREUIL INC is the expert you need to identify any pathogens that can threaten your tree’s health. We will accurately identify disease indicators and propose the appropriate treatments that comply with municipal by-laws. We offer solutions that will benefit your tree in the long term.

« The expert you need to detect any pathogens that can threaten the health of your trees »


ARBORICUREUIL INC will advise you on the products to use and the control method specifically adapted to each problem after an accurate diagnosis of the infestation. We have the required equipment and know-how to intervene effectively.

By hiring our services, you ensure the good health of your trees and limit the spread of diseases to other plants. Our team of professionals guarantees impeccable results and services that will meet your expectations.

« Equipment and know-how required to intervene effectively»


  • Tree felling
  • Clearing
  • Pruning/pollarding
  • Hedge trimming
  • Trees and hedges planting
  • Grubbing

Keeping your trees healthy is at the top of our priority list, contact us.